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Transpertation Scavenger hunt


On this Web site I will ask you questions about transportation from covered wagons to the Dodge Viper.

1. How old was the person who made the first car when he became an apprentice to post engineer cheif at "Edison CO." ? (cars)

2. About how many Public school pupils are picked up by school buses in the states that start with L ? (schoolbus)

3. What is the name of the cover on the transpertation used on the Oregan Trail ? ( Can't tell)

4. When was the concept of the Illinois Railway originated? (train)

5. What's the name of the ladder on the fire truck?(firetruck)

6. How long is a 210 bow riverboat? (speedboat)

7. Where was the Hawker Hurricane built? (plane)

8. What is the most enxpensive dog for dog sledding? (dogsledding)

9. For 18 wheelers what does C.V.O. stand for?
(18 wheelers)

10. Who built the Model T car? (cars)

11. What was the first and last name of the brothers who made the first plane? (air plane)

12. Name 2 types of cars made by the Japanese? (cars)

13. Name the Japanese train that runs on magnets? (trains)

14. What is the name of the main ship that the Pilgrims sailed on? (boats)

15. What was the probally the first boats to be made? (boats)

16. What was the name of the first 3 men to land on the moon? (spaceshuttle)

17. What is the name of a futuristic motorcycle?(Motorcycle)

18. What was the name of Columbus ships he use to help find a better way to Asia? (ships)

19. How does a hover craft operate? (hover craft)

20. What material is mostly used on a sail boat? (sailboat)

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